Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wow! That Came and Went Somewhat Fast. I Guess It's Time To Start Thinking About 2016

Big day today: U of L/ University of Kentucky game at noon.

And then I have to begin thinking about the layers of work awaiting me in my office, for CWP, at my house, for my classes, and with the professional organizations I belong to.

Perhaps that is what holiday breaks are for: to help us erase all the foolishness of working so we can enjoy the happiness of those we love most and spend time, albeit it short, in the company of family.

Yesterday's tradition extended beyond brunch into a prime rib dinner (um, that might be the first prime rib dinner I've ever had - and Dave rocked the mushrooms. Delicious).

Huge appreciation and shout outs to both my sisters for hosting tremendous food and crowd events in their homes. It's a lot of work and they rocked all the occasions like pros.

And then I think about all the years mom hosted our holidays in her home...makings for pure exhaustion...but she did it.

Our traditions have changed over the years, but they grow stronger and more important. So, here's to the week that just was (there must be a buckeye or magic layer bar left somewhere).

Now, time to warm up for the big game.

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