Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday To My Big Sister. I Love You and Wish You The Best in 2016. Let the Beauty Continue.

Happy Birthday, Cynderballz!

Well, I'm sad Chitunga and I didn't stay one more day to continue the holiday chaos into the traditional celebration of my older sister's birthday, but I think the greater gift for her was to depart so she wouldn't have deal with the headache of all of us organizing how we'd celebrate her day.

Instead, Chitunga and I stopped by on our way out to Connecticut and dropped off flowers and a small gift. We picked out the perfect card, too, but it was $5.99 (man, how do card businesses stay in business?). Channeling Cynde, I decided to buy a cheaper card and then verbally tell her what the more expensive one said. It was a sentimental card depicting what I really wanted to tell her: how beautiful she is, how much she means to me, how wonderful it has been to age with her, how important the memories with her are, and how enthusiastic I am about what the future has in store for the two of us. 

She's come a long way from feathered hair, hairspray, rolled jeans, thick socks, and Jack Wagner! I love being with her, Mike, Nikki, and Dylan and just relaxing - It always helped, too, when such occasions include a free dinner. I wish FaceTime also allowed us to tip our wine glasses on Friday nights like we used to do, but that has to come in spirit. 

Have a spectacular day, Cynde. You hold the Elmer's glue that keeps all of us together and through you not one of us has murdered the other (and I think Mom and Dad will okay now...I got them toy guns from Santa so they can simulate their frustrations without actually going too far with them. I don't think the foam darts will hurt them too much).

Here's to you, Big Sis, today, tomorrow, and always. You carry the universe on your shoulders and I hope today, at least for a little while. others let you take a break. Thank you for a wonderful week home and for being central to all the love shared by our families throughout the year.

Elephant shoe.

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