Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Post Holiday, Pre-New Year...Perhaps the Best Transitional Week on the Whole Calendar

As children, the holiday break means mucho excitement, but also a short period between excessive school and more excessive school. As I got older, the break meant more opportunities to work hours for extra cash. While away at college, it meant coming home for reunions, family, and catching up. For 15 years in Louisville, the break meant respite from teaching, a 12 hour road trip to Syracuse, and a 12 hour road trip back to Louisville (usually 3 books on CD). Time off is synonymous with reflection.

Now, the week off is more of the same...a place to take stock on the present and a location to look towards what is on the road ahead.

I need my reality check tweaked some. This sabbatical kept me busy as always, but for the first time in my life I actually had time to catch a ball game without a laptop in front of me. I walked the dog daily and spent more time with friends. I sipped my morning coffee slowly, and drank my evening wine with pleasure. This, of course, changes quickly as the semester is over and I've seen the exit for some time. It's back to the rat race of meetings, teaching, writing, advising, committees and never having a second to think straight.

It's a decent change and, as we all know, inevitable. I am thinking of big changes: getting a car and job, moving away to college, taking off to Louisville, teaching there, deciding to go overseas, and finally returning to earn a doctorate. Of course, a major change, too, has been taking the job in Connecticut, getting a house, and opening my world to a new family member (and dog). Who'd a thunk any of it?

I remember a student - class of 2000 - repeated often, "It's not he's the marathon." She was wise...the longer race continues and at 43, I hope, I'm not even halfway to understanding what any of it means.

What I do know is that Abu texted last night to say, "I decided to buy the complete collection of Star Wars." He then saw the price and said, "#$#$ that!"

My point exactly. It means what it means and in 2016, I'm sure it will mean even more.

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