Sunday, December 27, 2015

An Unexpected Divergence For a Saturday in Front of the Television. A Series I Haven't Read

The good thing about getting my run done in the a.m., is I'm wide open for whatever comes my way during the day, without feeling guilty about the need to hit the pavement.

So, I headed to my sister's for the U of L/UK basketball game (CATS deserved it, as they played a better game), and ended up following that with the Divergent movies series and an NFL game between the Eagles and Redskins. Who allows the games to last four hours? They are a killer for fans!

Divergent started out a little too similar to the other sci-fi teen heartthrob stories, but then it picked up with intrigue before ending in complete, "This is absolute ludicrousness."

Still, it was a way to diverge from having a plan-of-action for the day and I almost fell asleep on an actual couch in the middle of the day.

And thanks, Nikki. Chitunga and I cashed in some of the Wegman's card and we got out traditional sub. Nothing beats those!

But now it's Sunday. I believe there's a crew going to the new Star Wars film.

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